March 7, 2011

Ordering Cupcakes

As far as ordering cupcakes goes, it's pretty simple. I need atleast 3-4 days advance notice for a small order (1-2 dozen) and atleast a 1 week notice for any order larger than 3 dozen.

When it comes to flavor I can do anything you like. My favorite flavor that I've made so far is called Gajar Halwa. It's an Indian take on carrot cake. The cupcake itself is flavored with carrot, cardamom and cashew and the frosting is made of homemade cashew butter and cream cheese. Another one of my favorites is Pistachio which is flavored with homemade pistachio paste. I also do a standard Chocolate and a fancier version which is Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse inside. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is one of my absolute favorites (granted, I love anything with pumpkin). Red Velvet is a flavor that is a part of my repertoire. I'll throw in Vanilla just for good measure. If there are any flavors you enjoy then please drop me a comment or email me your suggestion. All cupcakes and frostings are made from scratch from the freshest ingredients.

Standard cupcakes are $24 per dozen. Any cupcakes that require nuts are $30 per dozen. The minimum order is one dozen.

I'm in the North Hollywood area so I can deliver cupcakes if you're in the valley or in Santa Clarita. In regards to mailing cupcakes this has been my experience:

I tried mailing cupcakes to my brother in Florida and that was the outcome. So until I figure out a better way to ship cupcakes I'm going to stay away from shipping.

I've had great success making cupcakes and delivering them for events. My most recent event was my nephew's first birthday.

Thankfully the cupcakes came out really well. I found the decorations at a cake supply store called Jane's Cakes in Montrose. There are so many options when it comes to cake decorations. There are fancy cupcake liners, sprinkles, frosting colors and the options expand when fondant comes into the mix.

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