March 9, 2011

My First Order!

By the grace of God, I received my first order today. I decided to make Red Velvet because they always come out really well. Here are some pictures:

Thanks to my brother Kevien, for making the labels. They add such a great touch to the packaging. The Kaitlyn's Kupcakes logo is his brain child. It's so perfect!


Jess said...

Excellent job!! It looks so delicious!!!

JennyD said...

Kaitlyn! The frosting decor is PERFECT for you!

Curt and Jeanine said...

My wife and I were the ones who purchased Kaitlyn's first offical order. They were delicious to eat and amazing in appearance. We met Kaitlyn at a restaraunt to catch up and take delivery of our order. We brought the cupcakes rather than leaving them in the car. The restaraunt manager spotted them, and asked for Kaitlyn's card. They caught the manager's attention! Kaitlyn did not have a card, but needs to get them soon.