June 25, 2011

June Creative Connection

I was asked to be a part of the JUNE Creative Connection LA Breakfast on June 18. I was all ready to go with my cupcake plans and then I got really sick. I still wanted to make the cupcakes and managed to do so but I wasn't able to attend. I wanted to share some pictures that were taken at the event. The pictures are courtesy of Brienne Michelle: Photography for Life. Her website is briennemichelle.com, her blog is briennesblog.com and her number is 661.803.5811. Check her out, she's really talented and takes truly exquisite photograghs.

1 comment:

Brienne Michelle said...

Your cupcakes are DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for providing them even when you couldn't make it. I LOVED the way the vanilla/apricot ones were decorated. :)